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Painting for Tots at Jacki Kellum Studios

Orange Daisies Painted by a 4-Year-Old in a Jacki Kellum Art Class Very young children have a natural ability to paint that they inevitably lose, as they mature.  Parents too often wait until the child is older–in school–even in middle … Continue reading

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Beginning Cartoon Class at Jacki Kellum Studios

Whether you want to draw cartoon faces, fashion models, or more realistic portraits, the first step is that of learning how to place guide lines and then drawing the facial features according to those lines. 609-204-9528 Call or text Jacki Kellum now … Continue reading

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Learn to Draw and Shade in Perspective – Jacki Kellum Studios

This Knight is nothing more than a group of cylinders and spheres that have been drawn and shaded with perspective. 609-204-9528 Call or text Jacki Kellum now to get into a fall art class and learn how to use perspective to make … Continue reading

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Fall Classes Will Learn to Draw and Paint Crows and Maleficent

Something about autumn always makes me think about crows–I suppose the reason is that fall is the season of scarecrows and what is a scarecrow without crows to scare. And speaking of scaring-autumn is the season of Halloween and other things … Continue reading

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