This Site Is Maintained by Jacki Kellum

“Being an artist is a way of Being–of Becoming Aware–of Increasing from Within–of Wondering–and of Inventing because of that Wonder.” – Jacki Kellum

Unlike many, Jacki Kellum does not feel that being technically good in art [good at drawing and/or good at painting] is a talent.   Kellum believes that drawing and painting are mere skills that virtually anyone can develop.   Painting and drawing are to visual art the same as learning and forming the ABC’s into letters are to the creation of poetry or books or stories.  Neither the ABC’s–or the computer that records the ABC’s are the story–these are merely the tools to express that story.  The story is within; and the ABC’s and the computer are merely ways to get that story on paper.  Painting and drawing are the same types of tools.  Painting and drawing are tools that anyone can master–with time.  True art–the expression–is not dependent upon the technical.  Even during the time that is required to devlop technique, art can happen.

Having spent most of her life in Mississippi and having only moved to the Jersey Shore a few years ago, Jacki Kellum has a unique behavioral and philosophical balance–a slow, mellow approach that is steeped in technical training.  Likewise, she recommends a slow, steady, study of art–one that allows the student to absorb while learning–to take time to smell art’s roses along the way.

Those that know, do.  Those that understand, teach.” – Aristotle

It is unfortunate that too many people believe that teachers really aren’t quite up to snuff– at least, not in the actual doing of their trade.  Both doing art and teaching the same are vital parts of Jacki Kellum’s life.  Over the past 40 years, she has successfully exhibited and sold work professionally; and she has also taught art to thousands of people [all ages from 3 to 87].  While teaching art in Mississippi schools, Jacki Kellum was named National Teacher of the Year.

Jacki Kellum considers herself a colorist.  Because clear, clean color are essential to her art, she has devoted many years to understanding the physics of color–the way that colors, by their nature, should and should not be mixed–according to their purposes.



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